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The main principle of the orthodox psychotherapy is: to confess the Holy Orthodox Faith and to bring its saving Truth and spiritual purity into the process of treatment. Psychotherapists should deal with the soul of the patient very carefully and even awesomely as every person is endowed with the greatest gift of God—the immortal soul which is the image of the Creator. For the last 25 years I am the head of the Orthodox Psychotherapeutic Center and recently also of an Institute for the Problems of Forming of a Christian Attitude towards Mental Disorders.

Book Abstracts

"Depression as Passion and Malady"

The true cause for depressive disorders usually resides in man's sins. The Holy Fathers believed that pride is at the base of all spiritual sufferings. Many unfulfilled dreams and the conflict between desire and reality always give birth in the heart to the feeling of frustration, sadness, grief and suffering.

That’s why in order to get rid of neurotic depression man should strive himself to acquire meekness.

"Dialogue With An Orthodox Psychiatrist"

The only right way of healing of the spiritual illnesses goes through the real Orthodox faith, through repentance and living in accordance with God's commandments. It is vital for man to be aware of the sinful roots of his illness, to deeply realize his helplessness, to hate the devilishly sins of pride, vain-gloriousness, anger, laziness, lie, adultery, to want to change himself and to turn to God with sincere repentance.

"Nervousness at Children and Teenagers"

Medical experience unfortunately proves that healthy and harmonious grown up children are fewer with each day and that, on the contrary, the number of children who are brought to consultation because of nervousness, sleeping disorders, nervous overworking and so on is increasingly. Through this work I will try not only to touch a few medical and psychological topics of this problem but I will also speak about the spiritual causes of childrens nervousness.


The present book, written by russian orthodox psychotherapist, intends to analyze from the spiritual perspective one of the most urgent problems of our time: the problem of nervous sufferings. Neuroses, stress maladies and other nervous affections are disected? in this volume with the double competence of the man of science and that of the faithful armed with millenial experience of the spiritual therapy of the Orthodox Church.

"When Soul is Sick"

In Chistian anthropology the entirety of personality is seen in the unity of the spiritual and bodily manifestations. Every illness has first a spiritual and after that a psycho-physiological character. The spiritual approach of the sick doesn`t undermine the medico-biological perspective but it enriches, completes and perfects the view on personality

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